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"Global Economy Demands Global Solutions"- Our Motto

Our vision is to be a Premier Knowledge Expert and Thought Leader in Real Estate Development with a focus on Hospitality / Mixed Use assets in global markets.

We are Redefining Hospitality Globally.

Our Mission is very simple; HRA, PPE Holdings and its subsidiaries will constantly strive for a balance between profitability, our social duties and the well-being of its associates.

 We believe in full transparency and the best return on investments for our investors.

Who are we: We have a combined experience of 150 years amongst our consultants all across the globe with advanced degrees in Business Sciences and Inter-disciplinary Domains. Our Experts are much sought after due to their hands-on solid experience in a variety of industries and businesses.
We are equally adept for research based analysis in both public and private sectors.

Our Clients: We serve a variety of Investor Groups, Equity Partners, Private Firms, Global Brands, National Brands, Government Agencies and Departments. For us, no clients or piece of business is too small or too large. We will always value our clients with utmost respect for the privacy rights, property rights, contractual obligations and other contingencies.

How do we conduct our business and develop relationships:

We have made a name for ourselves for total integrity in the manner we do our business. We constantly strive for complete dedication for legal, moral and ethical integrity in our deals.
Our Consultants are Business Owners, Independent Experts in their domains with zero-based budget approach.

We believe in long-term relationships, so if there is a conflict then we seek a prompt resolution with a win-win outcome through open dialogue, negotiation and arbitration. Litigation is time and cost nightmares, we value time and money, so we will part in an amicable manner with mutually acceptable terms.

If you are not familiar with our company and your first contact with us is online:
We would be pleased to hear from you!
Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help.

We started as a F & B Consultancy in 2001, then subsequently realizing the need and potential of the World Hospitality and Travel & Tourism Markets opened a full service Consultancy in 2005 -HRA Consultants-USA.

In 2008 and 2010 we formulated two new divisions, one for  Real Estate Investment Sales and Valuation and the other, Property Management / Hotels Third Party Management Contracts.

We are owned by PPE Holdings and PPE LLC. of Delaware, USA.

Our Domains of Expertise are Mixed Use and Hospitality Real Estate Investments
Travel Tourism and Hospitality Economics ( Strategy & Implementation )
Hotel & Lodging Operating Management Contracts
Property Management
Meetings & Events Procurement
Leadership & Motivational Coaching